Cowlitz County Mosquito Control District

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Mission Statement

We will minimize mosquito borne disease by reducing mosquito populations in Cowlitz County.


Policy Statement

It is impossible to eliminate all mosquitoes from the county. But by larviciding those areas where mosquitoes breed, we can greatly reduce mosquito populations and thereby reduce the chance of mosquito borne disease. Adult mosquito treatments will only be provided when public health is threatened by large populations of mosquitos that cause extreme annoyance or can carry disease.

Our Priorities


Eliminate or reduce mosquito breeding sites where possible.


Treat those areas where mosquitoes breed early in the season.


Adulticide public areas, when needed and when feasible.

We Will

  • Educate the public on how to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in their area.
  • Educate the public on how to reduce mosquito bites.
  • Work with the community to identify mosquito breeding sites.
  • Assist property owners with modifications that eliminate mosquito breeding areas on their property.
  • Check known breeding sites and treat when larvae are present.
  • Adulticide public areas when adult mosquitos are present in large enough numbers to become a nuissance. These include public roadways, parks, and other public gathering areas.

We Cannot

  • Eliminate all mosquitoes from the county.
  • Remove tires and other debris.
  • Adulticide private property.

How We Charge

We only assess owners of land and strive to structure our assessments so that the charge reflects the benefit received. To accomplish this, we do the following:

  • Assess all recorded lots within the District under 1 acre at a flat fee.
  • Add a surcharge to the flat fee to certain areas with known high concentration of mosquitos.
  • Charge higher rates for parcels over 1 acre based on total parcel size.